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We are a design company located in beautiful New Hampshire and a member of the local area Chamber of Commerce. Our focus is working with small businesses, individuals with creative pursuits, or corporations looking for creative solutions through marketing design.


My Purpose

My purpose as Artist and Designer is to create beautiful, functional, and memorable designs for you.  Ones that reflects the core essence of your business or creative endeavor. My children’s book illustrations and book cover designs use wonderful colors and characters.  My logos and marketing materials create a great first impression.  Apparel design is on trend and appealing. Through my designs, I want to help your business or creative endeavor grow and bloom. I do this by gathering pertinent information, as well as your story, and using it to design something that sells and describes your product, or business.  Let’s work together on creating your next perfect, memorable design.

My Creative Process

I am both an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, using both methods to create pieces.  Sometimes I use both methods in making logo or a T-shirt.  Sometimes, I just do print design and use Graphic Design technique.  Each method uses different skills.  Even though children’s book design and book cover designs are  uniquely creative and different from print design, the creative process and artistic mind are the same.  Being able to do both disciplines allows me to do many different projects to help people achieve business, or personal, creative goals. Allow me to create a design piece, for you, with my skills of an artist and discipline of a designer. Please call or email me today.

My Portfolio