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My Books

Kristen M. Niedzielski is a graduate of the University of Southern California in Creative Writing. All of her life, she has had a passion for books. She writes and illustrates books for children with vision, colors, and light. Thanks to friends and family for supporting her along the way. She is open to illustration work for children’s books, book covers, and adult book covers.

A Bee In A Big Universe

by Kristen Niedzielski (Author)

Brian is a very curious bee! When he finds out his meadow isn’t the biggest place in the Universe, he goes on a quest to discover more about this vast world and beyond. With the help of his mom and friends, Sam the Snail and Beatrice the Butterfly, Brian seeks to discover truths about nature, space, and science. In this adventure, Brian learns what stars are, what planets look like in space, and what the Big Universe is all about. He also finds about the meaning of good friendships.

This book is good for 8–10-year-olds. It is meant to be read to younger children by parents, teachers, and librarians. It has some new words and science facts. Ten-year-olds can most likely read the whole story.